CutleryApps Web
  ver 0.9.3 beta / 2022.01.12

DirectApps Web
  ver 0.9.3 beta / 2024.01.23


CutleryApps Web is a visual programming software for IchigoJam that uses cutlery cards.
DirectApps Web is software for text programming of IchigoJam from ChromeBook or PC.

== Description ==
Web version of Cutlery Apps and Direct Apps.
By connecting the PC and IchigoJam using the serial communication module,
You can send programs and texts created on web pages to IchigoJam.

- Cutlery Card is a visual programming tool provided by Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc. under the Creative Commons attribution 4.0 international license.

- IchigoJam is a kid's PC made by co., ltd..

- M02 is a product of Programming Club NetworkGoogle Chrome is trademark of Google LLC.

== Exec ==
・Please display the following URL in Google Chrome.

== Usage ==
[Supported browsers]
Google Chrome 89 ~

Connection between IchigoJam and PC
* Use M02
  The IchigoDake Serial Communication Board Set "M02" makes it easy to connect IchigoDake to your PC.
  Check the instructions in M02 for the connection.
* Use serial module
  (Module example)
  - (aitendo)
IchigoJam serial module
VCC <-> 3V3 *1
*1 If you want to supply power to IchigoJam separately, do not connect this. == CutleryApps Web Update == - 0.9.3 beta / 2022.01.12 [Mod] Changed the design of the card list. [Fix] The first communication failed. - 0.9.2 beta / 2021.12.14 [Add] Fit screen. [Fix] Cannot connect when reconnecting UART. - 0.9.1 beta / 2021.08.23 [Add] Save function. [Add] Variable WAIT card. [Add] Variable LOOP card. - 0.9.0 beta / 2021.04.02 Beta release. == DirectApps Web Update == - 0.9.3 beta / 2024.01.23 [Add] Support for arrow keys operations [Add] Support for CLS, SCROLL, LOCATE - 0.9.0 beta / 2021.04.02 Beta release. == Licence == * Free software. * Redistribution prohibited. * Even if damage is caused by using this software, we can not guarantee. Please note. == Copyright notice == Copyright == Privacy Policy == Privacy Policy ========================= (c) 2021 Natural Style Co. Ltd.