CutleryApps for Android
  ver 1.2.2 / 2021.03.01


CutleryApps is a visual programming software for IchigoJam, IchigoLatte using a CutleryCard.
CutleryApps is available on Android tablet and ChromeOS.
Serial communication connection is not available on ChromeOS devices (Chromebooks). Instead, programs created on the application side can be written via network communication using WiFi.

== Description ==
By connecting the IchigoJam/IchigoLatte with a android supports OTG via serial communication, you can write programs created on the software side.

- Cutlery Card is a visual programming tool provided by Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc. under the Creative Commons attribution 4.0 international license.

- IchigoJam is a kid's PC made by co., ltd..

- IchigoLatte is a kid's OS made by Natural Style Co. Ltd..

- MixJuice is a kid's network board made by Natural Style Co. Ltd..

- M02 is a product of Programming Club Network

== Install ==
The CutleryApps apk is available on the download page.

== Usage ==
  Please start CutleryApps.

  * Android 4.0 or higher
    ! Needs to support USB OTG
  * ChromeOS
    ! Serial communication is not possible; MixJuice is required for communication with IchigoJam.

Connection between Android and IchigoJam/IchigoLatte
  It is possible to connect with Android by using USB serial conversion cable and USB cable supporting OTG.
    * USB OTG cable.
    * USB serial conversion cable
      ex. URL :
        Part Number : TTL-232R-3V3

      ex. URL :
        Part Number : USB2UART-CP2102
        Connect: +5V-5V, GND-GND, TXD-RXD, RXD-TXD, 3V3-(no connection)

  When connecting IchigoLatte, please connect the Android and press the button of IchigoLatte to change the input mode.

Connecting IchigoDake to a PC using M02
  The IchigoDake Serial Communication Board Set "M02" makes it easy to connect IchigoDake to Android.
  You can write programs on IchigoDake from CutleryApps by connecting the serial converter module included with M02 to Android with OTG support USB cable.
  Please refer to the manual of M02 for the connection between M02 and the serial converter module that comes with M02.

How to use MixJuice (version 1.4.0)
  Connect MixJuice to IchigoJam / IchigoLatte and start it in access point mode*.
  Connect Android WiFi to MixJuice.
  If you select "MixJucie(UDP)" from CuleryApps Port, you can connect to IchigoJam / IchigoLatte.

  * Start MixJuice in access point mode
      Connect to CN4 IO16 (6th from the top) and GND to start the access point mode, and the following servers will operate.
        SSID: MJ-XXXXXXXXXXXX (XX .. is the Mac address of MixJuice)
        WiFi password: None
        IP address:
        (Client addresses are descended from in order)
        TCP server port: 20001 (sends and receives messages from TCP clients)
        UDP server port: 20001 (receives messages from UDP clients)
      Up to 4clients can connect at the same time.

== Update ==
- 1.2.2 / 2021.03.01
    Modify robot card design in Japanese.(changed kanji to hiragana)
- 1.2.1 / 2019.10.18
    Support ChromeOS.
- 1.2.0 / 2019.09.24
    Support MixJuice(version 1.4.0).
    Support 64bit device.
 - 1.1.4 / 2019.06.04
    Change part of the image.
 - 1.1.3 / 2019.05.08
    Fix bugs.
 - 1.1.2 / 2019.05.07
    Add display in English.
 - 1.0.0 / 2018.01.18
    Modify designs.
    Add guide effect of transmission program.
    Fix bugs.
 - 0.6.4 / 2017.09.01
    Add cards.
    Modify designs.
    Add functinos.
    Fix bugs.
 - 0.1.3 / 2017.06.13
    First release.

== Licence ==
 * Free software.
 * Redistribution prohibited.
 * Even if damage is caused by using this software, we can not guarantee. Please note.

== Copyright notice ==

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