CutleryApps for Android
  ver 1.1.3 / 2019.05.08


CutleryApps is a visual programming software for IchigoJam, IchigoLatte using a CutleryCard.

== Description ==
By connecting the IchigoJam/IchigoLatte with a android supports OTG via serial communication, you can write programs created on the software side.

- Cutlery Card is a visual programming tool provided by Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc. under the Creative Commons attribution 4.0 international license.

- IchigoJam is a kid's PC made by co., ltd..

- IchigoLatte is a kid's OS made by Natural Style Co. Ltd..

== Install ==
1. Android device settings
    「Setting」->「Security」->「Unknown sources」
       Change to ON.
2. Click "DOWNLOAD for Android" to download the apk file.
3. After completion of the download, click the download completion notification from the notification bar.

== Usage ==
  Please start CutleryApps.

  Android 4.0 or higher
   ※ Needs to support USB OTG

Connection between Android and IchigoJam/IchigoLatte
  It is possible to connect with Android by using USB serial conversion cable and USB cable supporting OTG.
    * USB OTG cable.
    * USB serial conversion cable
      ex. URL :
          Part Number : TTL-232R-3V3
          Driver :
            Operation System : Windows *
  When connecting IchigoLatte, please connect the Android and press the button of IchigoLatte to change the input mode.

== Update ==
- 1.1.3 / 2019.05.08
    Fix bugs.
- 1.1.2 / 2019.05.07
    Add display in English.
- 1.0.0 / 2018.01.18
    Modify designs.
    Add guide effect of transmission program.
    Fix bugs.
 - 0.6.4 / 2017.09.01
    Add cards.
    Modify designs.
    Add functinos.
    Fix bugs.
 - 0.1.3 / 2017.06.13
    First release.

== Licence ==
 * Free software.
 * Redistribution prohibited.
 * Even if damage is caused by using this software, we can not guarantee. Please note.

== Copyright notice ==

(c) 2017-2019 Natural Style Co. Ltd.